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The Care Culture Map is a fully illustrated, poster-sized, diagnostic tool containing easy to follow information to help care settings, garden designers and other outside specialists assess their day to day practices across a spectrum of care culture. With the accompanying Handbook, they will be able to plan a culture change journey, identify and address the barriers that prevent regular and meaningful engagement outside for their residents, and invest cost-effectively in any design involvement required in their outside spaces.

This Care Culture Map and Handbook helps care settings, and the specialists who support them, to identify and address the factors that prevent regular and meaningful engagement for their residents, including with dementia, with the outside space. For care settings it visually supports a culture change journey to person-centred and beyond. Where a Garden Designer, or other outside specialist’s, support is required it ensures appropriate interventions that work alongside current care practices delivered to an approach called ‘Relationship-centred Design’.

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This Care Culture Map shows a spectrum of care culture from care practices that are task-oriented, moving up the Map to person-centred care and beyond. With the accompanying Handbook, it helps care settings establish where they are currently located along this spectrum and then to identify, and address, the factors that hinder regular and meaningful engagement for their residents with the outside space. This tool supports, care, and other institutional, settings in addressing the key cause of lack of engagement with the outside which is its cultural practices.

Where support from Garden Designers, or other outside specialists, is required this tool guides the care setting and the specialists on the most appropriate interventions based on where the current care culture and abilities of a setting are and enables future changes as practices evolve. This new approach of working between Care Settings and Outside specialists, called ‘Relationship-Centred Design’, is explained.

The Map and Handbook are beautifully illustrated and are easy to follow by care staff of all levels as well as being able to be used by Managers as a strategic and monitoring tool during a culture change journey. It can be used alongside existing models of culture change helping to make visual the journey as it unfolds and enabling the next steps to be explained in an engaging and practical way.

The authors have captured the key obstacles and solutions to enabling residents in care to engage with the outside more through their observations and analysis during their research. Their aim is to inspire, and encourage progress to person-centred care and beyond, with appropriate support from experts where needed so that the outside space becomes an increasingly valued and cherished part of the overall care setting.

* *The Handbook is provided free with the Map. The Map is not available without the Handbook. For additional copies of the Handbook, please contact Mark or Debbie at:

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