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We’re here to help you use your outside space more

We know from our research that it’s not necessarily about having a new garden design or makeover that gets your garden used more actively and meaningfully by your residents. We discovered that it’s down to the people in your organisation. They are key to helping your residents cross the threshold and go outside.

We believe our role is to activate your people to activate your outside space

We work with you to identify what stands in the way of making better use of your current outside space and then support you in creating an active and well-used garden. Our aim is to enable residents and patients in care settings to be able to make full use of the outdoors as part of their daily lives, as and when they choose.

With the evidence from our recent research project informing our work, and our backgrounds in garden design and project management, we provide a range of practical, evidence-based training and design support on how to use your gardens more effectively.

We do this in the following ways, all tailored to our clients’ specific needs:

Consulting – understanding your care home’s culture is key to removing the obstacles that prevent you from engaging with your outdoor space. With our unique diagnostic tool, The Map, we work with you to identify current practices and attitudes that help you reconnect with your outdoor space in a positive and sustainable way. This approach means that new procedures and activities grow naturally from your residents’ needs, and the home’s practices.

service-para12Training – We deliver training on how to engage with The Map and identify current cultural practices and attitudes towards your outside spaces. We also provide training for the design and landscape architecture sectors too, with the aim of encouraging garden designers and landscape architects to rethink the way that we work with care home organisations, ensuring that the right kind of design support is offered at the right time, in line with the current culture and practices of the care home.

service-para8Designing – we deploy our wide design experience and the evidence from our research project to support your growing engagement with the outside. We also aim to empower you to be a confident, articulate and authoritative client and partner in the design process.

Supporting – we recognise that getting the most from the outside space is a journey involving all the people in your care setting. We can provide ongoing support, helping you identify missed opportunities, providing insights and observations on appropriate ways to engage further with the outdoors, and overcoming design obstacles, encouraging new techniques and sharing good practice on how to help residents enjoy their garden more.

Researching – we are committed to evolving our design and consultancy practice in line with latest findings and best practice and will continue to question, challenge and investigate ways to optimise the use of the outside space for people living with dementia, their carers and families.

We recognise that every care home is different. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for here, please get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.

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Doing the diary recording has made [me] more aware of what residents did, or reacted to, in the garden.

Member of staff at care home, Cheshire Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

I would like to thank you both for an extremely useful and informative visit. It was a real pleasure to talk to you both and learn a lot about our garden and how it can be used to enrich the lives of our residents. I really am getting excited about making a difference with this Continue Reading

Care home manager, after first site visit Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

Mainly by splitting up the back garden, residents began to use the space.

Care home manager, Lancashire Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

Thank you for all your support.

Care home manager, Cardiff Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

I have been able to make significant changes due to rethinking and planning our outdoor provisions. We have added an outside cafe area and will be working on bringing the outdoors inside next spring.

Care home manager, Cardiff Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

This is working really well. More people are going out there.

Care home manager, Lancashire Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

A lot of the ideas which were shared are already under way. Such as the re-arrangement of seats to form viewing points and a squirrel obstacle course in the main garden.

Senior Activity Coordinator, London care home Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016