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Our research shows clearly that it’s not about having a new garden design or makeover that activates the care setting garden to be used more often and more meaningfully by residents, staff and other garden users. It’s down to the people in the care setting themselves. They are key to helping their residents cross the threshold and go outside.

So our support to both care sector staff and designers starts from the same first step, to identify what stands in the way of making better use of the current outdoor space and then to support you in creating an active and well-used garden, matching the care culture practices (and thus the overall capacity) of the setting so that they can engage with their new or improved space effectively.

We call this approach, ‘Relationship-Centred Design’

Ultimately, our aim is the same as yours, whether designer or care staff: to enable residents in care homes (and other institutional type settings) to be able to make full use of their outdoor spaces as part of their daily lives, as and when they choose. We believe our approach helps to make this process cost effective, successful and highly rewarding for everyone involved.

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