We are often invited to write articles and blogs for sector-specific publications about our findings and the approach we are promoting with our designer peers and care sector clients. We include some of them below:

NAPA Living Life Magazine – Autumn 2017Mythbusting and explaining culture (PDF 6MB)


Landscape Show 2017 – series of 5 short articles (PDF 600kB)


Care Roadshows 2017 website blog – series of 5 articles (PDF 900kB)


Our contribution to the consultation on Wales’ Dementia Strategy Action Plans 2017 – 2022 (PDF 500kB)


2016: Our Year in Review (PDF 1.5MB)


Landscape Show 2016 Preview magazine – series of 5 short articles (PDF 900kB)


The Horticulturist magazine – Autumn 2016 – article (PDF 4Mb)


The Care Home Environment – Vol. 1 Issue 2 Nov 16 (PDF 6Mb)


The Network – Journal of the Design in Mental Health (PDF 10Mb)


Step Change Design MEDIA Release DAW2016 (PDF 161Kb)


Garden Design Journal December 2015 article – Relationship-Centred Design (PDF 1.2Mb)


Journal for Dementia Care – Spring 2015 article “Why Don’t We Go Into The Garden?” (PDF 6Mb)


NAPA Living Life – Spring 2015 (PDF 1Mb)


NAPA Living Life – Autumn 2014 (PDF 1.86Mb)

Thank you for all your advice.

Activities Manager, care home, Cheshire Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

There had already been positive knock-on effects of doing this exercise. Staff were noticing tiny details and were going the extra mile to engage or interact during a visit to the garden.

Care home manager, Lancashire Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016

I would like to thank you both for an extremely useful and informative visit. It was a real pleasure to talk to you both and learn a lot about our garden and how it can be used to enrich the lives of our residents. I really am getting excited about making a difference with this Continue Reading

Care home manager, after first site visit Step Change - Garden Design 26th July 2016