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Thanks for checking out how we can help you work successfully and cost-effectively with your care setting clients. Understanding the actual care culture in operation is a vital piece of information that needs to guide your work with care settings (and other institutional settings) and should be a key part of the data gathered ahead of your design intervention and garden creation.

If you are keen to ensure that you start off with a clear idea of how to work cost-effectively with your care setting clients, please take a look at our approach to working with care settings called Relationship Centred Design (RCD) and the designer-focused articles on our downloads page.

These are the many ways that we can support you:


We run workshops, both open and in-house, with the aim of encouraging garden designers, landscape architects and outdoor specialists to rethink the way they work with care (and other institutional) settings, ensuring that the right kind of design support is offered at the right time, in line with the current culture and practices of the care setting itself. We provide you with lots of insights and take-aways, including an important new diagnostic flipbook, the Designer Banding Tool, to help you unpick the actual care culture in operation at the care setting. For upcoming open design sector workshops, go to our courses page to find a workshop near you.

Consultations (one-to-one or practice-wide)

We can support you and your team in identifying the type of care culture in operation at your care setting client, either alongside a site visit or at your practice or other appropriate venue. We introduce you to the Designer Banding Tool, a diagnostic flipbook that helps you to identify essential information about care practices (and care culture) in operation at the setting to enable you to match your design support cost-effectively.

We could easily turn the consultation into an in-house workshop for your practice or group if you’d like to include wider team members, colleagues and business partners in the new learning opportunity that this will provide. Get in touch to discuss our fees.

Design Support

Want to run ideas past us? Or check out some hunches you have about the care setting you are working with? Please do get in touch. We’ll work out a fee based on our hourly rate and how long we anticipate the support would take and confirm this with you before we proceed.

Telephone and email support

Every care setting is unique. These environments are often very intense and it can be complex to understand all that is going on in them. We have wide experience across many different types of care settings and can help you unpack information you have gathered from across the outdoor space, or in consultation with your client and residents, relating to the design support you aim to provide.

If our support requires us to do some additional research beyond answering straightforward questions, we’ll let you know and agree a fee to cover the time we take to help you. Most queries and enquiries are usually followed up within 24 hours (during the working week) so that you can keep the momentum going at your end and get on with the important task of co-creating new experiences for your clients in their outdoor spaces.

Not seen the particular type of service you’d like from us?

Please get in touch to discuss your particular matter with us, we’d be delighted to help! And sign up to our Newsletter for all the latest developments.