Care Settings

Do you have plans to develop your outside space and need some extra help? Employing a garden designer / landscape architect and want to make sure your residents are involved? At a loss to know where to start to engage residents with their outside space? Need to ensure that your budget is spent carefully and wisely? Struggling to encourage staff to go outside with residents? Feel that there are underlying fears and concerns about the outdoors that need to be addressed?

We can help! We work with you to identify your current practices, procedures and attitudes (your care culture) that help or hinder your efforts to engage your residents with their outdoor spaces. Our approach is called ‘Relationship-Centred Design (RCD)’. This means that you remain in the driving seat for the changes you wish to achieve and we support you along an evolving culture change journey. In practice, this usually results in small and modest design interventions in your outside space that help you to develop confidence and greater engagement levels, and, as a result of embedding new habits and attitudes towards your outdoor spaces, further changes and new needs and wishes can be identified, resulting in resident and staff-led approaches to future improvements and alterations to your outdoor spaces, with our support and guidance where necessary.

This approach means that new activities outdoors grow naturally from your residents’ needs, and the home’s changing practices and attitudes towards this important part of your overall care environment.

If this approach is just what you are looking for, then these are the ways that we can help you create actively used outdoor spaces with your residents:

Care Culture Map and Handbook

The first step is to obtain a copy of our Care Culture Map and Handbook tool. The Handbook is packed with tips, insights and great ideas to help you get more from the garden you already have and to help identify the obstacles and hindrances to going outside more often. It also explains the powerful role that your care culture has in influencing how much your garden is being used. The Care Culture Map tool is an easy-to-read visual diagram of care culture and will help you and your team to work out what type of care culture you have and where it is likely to be located on the care culture spectrum. This information is very important to ensure that outside help (e.g. a garden designer or landscape architect) matches where you currently are on your culture change journey, and avoids the situation where your garden is over-designed, resulting in a short-lived novelty effect of the new space but which may quickly fall into disuse.

Training – open and in-house workshops

We run half day introductory workshops [link to courses page] for up to 12 people, both open and in-house formats, to explain the Care Culture Map and Handbook tool and to share may insights, tips and quick-wins into getting more out of the garden you currently have and increasing engagement levels in this space. If you think this would be a great way to bring the whole team onboard with activating the outdoor space, then get in touch to organise an in-house workshop at your location.