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Welcome to Step Change Design Ltd.

We help you create gardens that are used actively, regularly and meaningfully by your residents, staff, families, the community and visitors alike.

  • Are you a care home who struggles to encourage residents outside?
  • Are you thinking about making changes to your garden?
  • Are you thinking about designing a sensory garden or dementia-friendly garden?
  • Do you have a nice garden, or have made changes to it, but find it hasn’t resulted in more use of the outdoors that you had hoped?
  • Are you a Garden Designer or Landscape Architect who has been asked to design a garden for a care home or for people with dementia?

With the evidence from one of the largest and most recent research projects of its kind informing our work, we provide up-to-date, practical, evidence-based support and guidance for the care sector on how to use your gardens more effectively in the overall care you provide at your home.

Step Change - Dementia Action Alliance
Step Change - National Activity Providers Association - CPD Course
Step Change - Gardens
Step Change - National Activity Providers Association - CPD Provider
Step Change Design - Eden Alternative

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